PROJECT: Social Design

CLIENT: Centre for a Circular Economy

LOCATION: Canterbury

YEAR: 2021

SKILLS: Revit, conceptual design, DWD, experiential design, FF&E, sustainability.

BRIEF: The brief was to create a space that responded to a social need, displaying how design can make a difference. The choice of client and the social need answered by the project was my own.

Main entrance
The main entrance serves both the centre and the entire building. A clothing exchange is to the left whilst a bar area wraps to the right and rear of the bar
Ground floor plan
First floor plan
Staircase sections
There are two staircases in the centre, one for use by the whole building, the second, an internal staircase.
Conceptual sketches
The concept for the project is 'inside the box' inspired by the limitations imposed by a circular economy and the constraints of repurposing a listed building.
Conceptual models
Models were made to explore the structures used as space division in the restaurant and gallery.
Bar area
The bar is intentionally more luxurious, sustainability should not result in design compromises.
Zero waste restaurant
The space offers flexible dining with a conceptual structure taking centre stage.
The space is designed as a resource for local people, aiding the transition to a circular economy.
First floor gallery space displaying environmental installations, an inspiring space for local people and tourists alike. The structure is intended to be an installation in its own right.